At Volunteering in Health we have a team of nine trustees, each bringing different skills, knowledge and experience to the charity. The role of the trustees is to ensure that the charity is sticking to its original aims, behaving responsibly and with integrity, and is financially sustainable. The trustees are there to see the wood for the trees, something which can be challenging for staff who are in amongst those trees!

Given the relatively small size of our charity, we have a fantastic and highly skilled board, including an Accountant, a HR Consultant, a local GP, and a town councillor. Three of our Trustees are also active volunteers, enabling them to experience the day to day workings of the charity as well as the bigger picture.

As with our staff team, we value having people from different backgrounds to give different points of view and ensure that we are always meeting the needs of our clients and community in the most holistic and personalised way possible.

The board of trustees meets once a quarter to review performance and progress and to plan for the future accordingly. There are also meetings inbetween if there are specific issues which need to be addressed. All trustee time is given on a voluntary basis.

If you are interested in joining the board or would like to give any feedback or ask any questions, please email