A Spring Reflection – by Miia

I don’t know about you, but each year I make New Year’s Resolutions, and by this time of year I tend to have lost my way with most of them! But I was thinking as I walked my dog in the woods this morning, that spring is a wonderful reminder of a chance to have another go.

I saw a tiny plant shoot fighting its way up through the detritus of last year’s leaves and mud on the forest floor, and it got me thinking of how spring is a good time to refresh and restart.  If we’ve given up on our New Year Resolutions, or we’ve let our goals fall by the wayside, spring is a reminder that we can have another go.

It may be that life has just got really busy, or perhaps the reason we’ve given up is that things have become tough for us – this latest lockdown has taken its toll on our energy reserves and whatever goals we have set have just become ‘another thing’ to fit in.

But like this tiny shoot fighting its way up through the mess left by last year’s leaves on the forest floor, we too will rise out of the mess that last year has poured out, and like this little plant, we can make something new, alive, and beautiful out of it.

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